Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy services are available for individuals from ages eighteen to eighty. Details about my therapeutic approach and philosophy can be found under the Why Therapy? tab.


Couple Psychotherapy

I offer psychotherapy services for couples who are married or unmarried, as well as premarital counseling. I work with straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender couples. Additionally, I consult with couples who are experiencing breakups or divorce, in some cases helping them navigate the difficulties associated with co-parenting from two separate households.


Group Work

Clinical services provided include group work in the form of support groups, psychotherapy groups, and workshops. Opportunities for this type of work depend on scheduling and availability of interested parties, as well as other time commitments. Please call the office for information about current group openings or to be placed on a group waiting list.



Consultation services are available for other mental health professionals, health care providers, parents, and other individuals seeking advice regarding how to handle a particular individual who is in need of psychological services. Consultation may also be helpful for those dealing with a loved one who is currently pursuing a course of therapy for a particularly difficult problem.